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 "We can build their boat, or we can build YOUR boat."




Riddle Marine was created for the need of a powerful craft that could maneuver the extreme shallows and wild rapids of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.


The first time Norm Riddle laid his eyes on the Snake River, his awe was shared with his son, Doug. In the early 1960's, Norm Riddle built his first aluminum jet boat for the log drive for Potlatch Forest Products. After building boats for various companies around the Lewis-Clark Valley, Norm decided that there was potential to make a business out of it. Large corporations and federal agencies were his only customers, however, in the late 1960's an interest in a boat for recreations purposes was budding. Norm built the company from the ground up with the help of his son, Doug. In 1978, Doug took over the company, while his father continued his Hell's Canyon guide service with Snake River Outfitters. Since then, Doug has been redesigning and modernizing jet boats to suit the ever changing rivers and customers. Norm Riddle passed away November 3, 2014 at the age of 87.


Today, Riddle Marine is still a small family business striving to satisfy each customer that comes our way. Our motto is: "We can build their boat, or we can build YOUR boat." Our desire is not to create cookie cutter jet boats, like most manufacturers. We are passionate about the boats we create, because we are boat enthusiasts ourselves. We believe our customers should have the boat that will complement their lifestyle, whether they are avid fishermen, adventurists, extreme recreationalist, or laid back sight-seers. Our custom aluminum jet boats are crafted to withstand the beating waters of the Hells Canyon, and glide effortlessly across extremely shallow waters.


Elevate your ride with a Riddle Marine jet boat.


Hells Canyon Xtreme

Our most advanced white-water jet boat specially designed for the rugged Hells Canyon.

HCX - Twin

Triple the power in this double engine Hells Canyon Xtreme jet boat.

Cargo Jet

Haul the heaviest loads in this light-weight dual purpose craft.

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Center Console

Center consoles are multi-purpose jet boats with a variety of options.

Northerner Jet

These pecialty boats are made for high performance, shallow waters and quick maneuvering.

Commercial & Specialty

View the gallery of our specialty aluminum commercial jet boats.

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