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Take on the roughest whitewater with confidence in our HCX Twin.

HCX - Hells Canyon Xtreme - Twin





Std. Features:

25' to 30'
9' +
1/4" x 7' to 7.5'
Twin: 5.7 liter - V-8

130 gal cross fuel tank, fuel water separator, dual bilge pumps, H-D blower system, 4 cleats, 4 outlet heater, fixed frame top with sides and backdrop, dome light, slider side windows, rear bench seats with back to bed feature, suspension seats forward, aluminum floors and decks, powder coated rear rails, instrument panel, dual controls, stick steering, dual wipers, drink holders, nav. Lights, horn, one color paint on windshield/interior.

HCX Twin: take the most advanced whitewater jet boat
then double it.

Hells Canyon Xtreme - Twin

After many years of running rapids, Riddle Marine has put together the most advanced whitewater boat built yet! We have become knowledgeable about the things that matter: strength and durability, light weight, handling, power, and looks. Our Twin engine adds not just a little, but a lot more to the standard option.

Why a Twin?

Most people think that adding another engine to your jet boat will double the power -- but having a twin engine triples the power with only burning slightly more fuel than a single engine. The Hells Canyon Xtreme Twin can haul more people and/or equipment with ease. 

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