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Riddle Marine's Cargo Jet is the perfect dual purpose jet boat.






Std. Features:

1/4" x 6'
5.7 liter V-8 EFI - Hamilton 212

​Bow cargo door, front seats on boxes, rear seats with storage and backrests, dual console windshields - hinged doorway, side trays, driver wiper, nav. lights, horn, cleats, bilge pump and blower, rear and bow rails, 60 gal fuel tank, heater/defrosts, aluminum bow floors and vinyl covered decking, flo-tech steering and dual control, removable top, sides & backdrop.

Designed to haul heavy loads while weightlessly gliding across shallow water.

RMX Cargo Jet

The Cargo Jet features a quick lift bottom design made to get on step faster, and stay on step at lower speeds. This boat is designed to haul heavy loads in super shallow water with an easy access bow door for loading and unloading.


This jet boat has a high visibility windshield and walkthrough doorway for easy access to a roomy cabin. The top is easily removable for summer weather - it makes a great work or play boat. The Cargo Jet's bow door makes loading an ATV or any cargo much easier.

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